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Steel Heritage

Steel Heritage

A visit to Magna unlocks a wealth of Steel Heritage through a range of exhibitions, displays and tours. Find out more below:

The Big Melt
'E' furnace at Templeborough has been brought back to life in an awesome sound and light show. Theatrical lighting, pyrotechnics, smoke, and an original sound track recreate the drama and power of the steel making process.

The show runs for 12 minutes, at regular intervals during the day.

Living Steel
Use the interactive kiosks to hear stories about 'clocking on' and 'clocking off'. Test yourself on the steel word game, and navigate the history of steel. Spot the movie stars in an old classic, filmed right here at 'Steelos'.

Living Steel was supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Steel Reveal
Explore the dark world of Magna with our interactive spotlights located on the main walkway.

Steer them around, find the hidden targets and uncover songs, stories and sounds from the steel industry.

Steel Reveal was supported by NESTA.

Steel Tours
If you are interested in the history of the building and want to find out more about the steelworks at Templeborough, then why not talk to one of our steel heritage experts. Please ask at reception for more details.

Hear the stories of our steelworkers