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February Half Term

February Half Term

6th January 2012

What's the biggest bubble you have ever blown? Was it big enough for you to stand inside? This February half term from 13th - 17th February, join our bubble making workshop, Make the biggest bubble you can and see if you can make shapes with your bubble.  We will even give you our special recipe for making giant bubbles at home. Workshops will take place throughout the day.

Steel Tours - Why not delve into the history of Magna on one of our behind the scenes guided steel tours. Discover more about the steel making process and find out what life was life for many of the men and women who worked within the steel industry. Steel Tours include the Big Melt show and also a trip to the foundry floor so get your hard hats at the ready. Tours will be taking place daily at 10.30am, 12.30pm and 2.30pm. Steel tours are suitable for all ages, Younger children may wish to bring a torch to see further into depths of the old furnace.

Forge Demonstrations - Have you ever seen a blacksmith at work? Visit the fire pavilion each weekday afternoon and see steel being heated and molded in our traditional forge.