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The Magic of Magnetism

The Magic of Magnetism

20th February 2012

As part of National Science and Engineering Week 2012 families are invited to the Magic of Magnetism presented by: Dr Mike Diprose

Electricity is an energy source we all use in dozens of ways each day - but if it was not for magnetism, there would not be the vast network of power stations supplying us with the energy.

This lecture looks at the discovery and uses of magnetism from the days of ancient Chinese compasses to modern uses of magnets in radars and microwave ovens. On the way, we learn of Oersted's experiments showing that electric currents make magnetic fields and Faraday's wonderful discovery of electromagnetic induction, which led to electric generators and the National Grid. There are many experiments and demonstrations, a bicycle generator, a cake making microwave oven, lengths of steel rod tied into knots, a Jacob's ladder and some 150,000 Volt sparks, Mike Diprose will show some of the 'Magic of Magnetism'.

Lectures are free of charge to Magna ticket holders and will take place at 11.30am and 2.00pm