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Tiny world of nanoscience brought to life for Magna visitors

Tiny world of nanoscience brought to life for Magna visitors

30th April 2012

A unique exhibition of sculptures which bring the astonishing world of nanoscience to life is set to open at Magna Science Adventure Centre.    

In 'Giants of the Infinitesimal' top scientists have worked with artists to explore nanotechnology which deals with matter, structures and molecules just billionths of a metre across.

The exhibition features large-scale versions of nano-particles which visitors can manipulate in the same way that scientists do in the laboratory.

It aims to show how the new area of science can radically transform many fields, including healthcare, computing, energy, and waste reduction.

Renowned sculptors Tom Grimsey and Theo Kaccoufa worked with nano-scientists from the universities of Liverpool, Nottingham and Glasgow on the project, along with Dr Ashley Cadby and Dr Günter Möbus from the University of Sheffield.

Physics education consultant Ann Marks, who is an advisor, said "Nano-particles are incredibly tiny and to find out about them or image them you need special devices.

"In 'Giants of the Infinitesimal', nano-scientists and sculptors have worked together to help visualise the invisible. The interactive exhibits simulate techniques used by the scientists but with particles about a hundred million times larger. Visitors are challenged to move them about and experience this amazing world for themselves."

Stuart Ballard, science centre director at Magna said:  "This is a fascinating exhibition where art meets science. The exhibition premiered at the Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester and we're delighted to now be hosting it here in Yorkshire." 

Sculptures include a piece depicting the honeycomb lattice of graphene - the super-strong material which won University of Manchester scientists the 2010 Nobel prize in Physics

The exhibition, funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, will run at Magna from May 5th until November 2012. Entrance is free with general admission.