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The Four Pavilions

The four themes of AIRFIREWATER and EARTH are the inspiration for the interactive pavilions.
The pavilion exhibits provide hands-on STEM learning opportunities , links to steel heritage and consider the impact humans have made.

Air Pavilion: High up in the building a translucent airship seems suspended in flight.

  • Moving air makes sounds.
  • Moving air exerts forces.
  • Impact of air on structures.

Earth Pavilion: Go underground to find out what we extract from the Earth and how we work it.

  • Stories of rock formation.
  • Mining and quarrying.
  • Role play using a quarry environment and mechanical diggers.

Water Pavilion: Set in a beautiful steel wave, explore how we use and move vast amounts of water.

  • Properties and uses.
  • Water management.
  • Moving water

Fire Pavilion: Discover the creative and destructive uses of fire.

  • Heating and cooling of materials.
  • View a spectacular fire tornado.
  • Forging and recycling steel.

The History of Steelmaking

Magna is set in the former Templeborough steelworks, a massive building over 1/3rd of a mile long.

The Big Melt: Watch from the walkway as ‘E’ furnace is brought back to life using spectacular light and sound effects; recreating the moment when scrap metal is transformed into white-hot molten steel.

Steelos Gallery: By the main entrance explains the history of Magna’s site from Roman times to the present day.

The Face of Steel and Walkways: Climb the stairs and be drawn into the story of steelmaking. Moving images stretch high above exploring what life was like in the heyday of the industry.

The Forge  Watch as steel heritage experts uses the four elements AIR, FIRE, WATER and EARTH to change the colour, shape and even magnetism of a steel bar. Discover more about the steel heritage history in the local area and consider the impact steel making has had on our society. A forge can be delivered for £1 per pupil (Inc VAT) it will take place in the Fire Pavilion and must be booked in advance. Please call 01709 721116 or email to book.


Sci-Tek is our large ‘hi-tech’ playground. The play features develop co-ordination and balance skills, whilst encouraging children to make choices and play interactively.

Aqua-Tek is our wet play area. Children squirt, mist and drench their way around the features. Seasonal opening times apply.

To enquire about booking a visit use our School Visit Enquiry Form. For additional school visit information please read our FAQs, or email or call 01709 723116.