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Kitchen Sink Show

The Kitchen Sink Show takes children on a journey around the kitchen and opens up a world of science fun. It's a curious, messy, slimy world full of the materials and objects of everyday life. The show aims to motivate pupils to have a go, puzzle over problems and think through answers. Plenty of interaction engages them with ideas for science, at home or at school. Many of our experiments use everyday materials, which are inexpensive, familiar to the pupils and might otherwise end up in the rubbish bin.

You'll find lots of ideas to enhance science lessons, science clubs and investigative work. The delivery and show content is varied to suit the age range of the audience. The Kitchen Sink Show supports a range of science topics in the National Curriculum around forces and materials and targets KS1 and KS2.

As well as booking the show on your visit to Magna, we can also visit your school. It can be booked to visit throughout March 2019. Each show usually lasts one hour and we can fit in a maximum of 4 shows per day for up to 120 children per show.

The Kitchen Sink Show costs £400 (ex VAT) for a full day. For schools more than a two hour drive away from Magna the cost is £500 (ex VAT) for a full day. Half day bookings are available only for local schools in Rotherham and Sheffield at £300 (ex VAT).

Following your booking we will send you a confirmation letter, an invoice and any other relevant information.

Call 01709 723116 to book your show.

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