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STEM learning “takes off” at Magna

Welcome to Newton South Yorkshire.

At the heart of the adventure your students have a module session in England’s first Newton Room led by professionally-skilled Newton Teachers. This is combined with a visit to Magna’s newly refurbished Science Centre for a fantastic STEM learning experience.

The day includes a morning or afternoon session in our brand-new Newton Room, where students take part in one of the Newton modules. Magna currently offers Up In The Air With Numbers; students work together as scientists and engineers to carry out an air rescue mission, calculate their own flight plan, and fly a simulator in this immersive STEM workshop. This includes:

  • Pre- and post-flight student activities
  • Maths and physics applications
  • Discussion and collaborative learning
  • Flying a half-flight simulator

In the Science Centre they explore Air, Earth, Fire and Water, watch the Big Melt and have access to Sci-Tek, the outdoor adventure park.


The Newton Adventure can be booked for students working at KS3 level.

A typical day at Magna runs from 10am to 3pm and we will provide you with a schedule for your visit. If you require different timings for the day, this can be discussed at the time of booking.

To book please complete our online form and one of our booking coordinators will contact you to confirm.

The Newton Adventure costs £135 (ex VAT). This includes; exploration of the Magna attraction and a Newton room session, for a maximum of 18 pupils.

This is the same price as a standard Magna visit and includes free admission for 2 teachers. 

Ready for take off?

The Newton Concept is owned, developed and managed by the non-profit foundation FIRST Scandinavia. Since 2000, FIRST Scandinavia has developed and implemented STEM concepts and projects for over 500,000 children and young people.

Through unique learning experiences, we will bring children all over the world the joy of mastering science – FIRST SCANDINAVIA’S VISION