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Look out for our trigger warnings. More details can be found on each risk assessment.

Rockets and Balloons

Learn about the history of hot air balloons, how they work and witness our mini-hot air balloon in action! Find out what makes a rocket move and investigate making one from everyday materials.

Rockets and Balloons supports learning about forces and materials and links to NC science work on Physical Processes.

Rockets and Balloons: Risk assessment

Night and Day

Discover why we have night and day while searching for summer and winter constellations. Decide what to pack for a trip to meet the planets of our solar system, and learn how rockets push us into space!

Our tour uses Stellarium planetarium software and is perfect for inspiring the interest of your class in the Earth and beyond.

Night and Day supports learning about seasonal changes and forces.

Night and Day: Risk assessment

Dinosaur Dig

Dig for fossils at our prehistoric crime scene and follow the footprints to discover which dinosaur was the culprit! Handle genuine fossils in the sorting challenge! Pupils will use their sense of smell in these workshops to guide a herd of dinosaurs to safety

Dino Detective supports learning about scientific enquiry, and links to NC science work on Living things & their habitats.

Dino Detective: Risk assessment

The Forces Show

This show introduces children to the amazing invisible role of forces in everyday life. In our dynamic world everything that happens is caused by forces, but what better way to understand them then to investigate, fire, rockets, whirlpools, and even marshmallows.

The show aims to motivate pupils to have a go, puzzle over problems and think through answers. With plenty of interaction, students will be inspired by ideas for extending learning at home or at school.

The show can be differentiated for KS1, KS2 and KS3 it supports learning about NC science work on “Forces”

Forces Show: Risk assessment

Steel Forging

Watch as steel heritage experts uses the four elements AIRFIREWATER and EARTH to change the colour, shape and even magnetism of a steel bar. Discover more about the steel heritage history in the local area and consider the impact steel making has had on our society.

A forge can be delivered for £1 per pupil (Inc VAT) it will take place in the Fire Pavilion and must be booked in advance.

Forge: Risk assessment

To enquire about booking a visit use our School Visit Booking Form. For additional school visit information please read our FAQs, or email or call 01709 723116