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Look out for our trigger warnings. More details can be found on each risk assessment.

The Forces Show

This show introduces children to the amazing invisible role of forces in everyday life. In our dynamic world everything that happens is caused by forces, but what better way to understand them then to investigate, fire, rockets, whirlpools, and even marshmallows.

The show aims to motivate pupils to have a go, puzzle over problems and think through answers. With plenty of interaction, students will be inspired by ideas for extending learning at home or at school.

The show supports learning about NC science work on “Forces”

Forces: Risk assessment

The Materials Show

This show takes children on a journey through a world of material science fun. It’s a curious, messy, slimy world full of the materials and objects of everyday life; with some extra wows you can’t try at home.

The show aims to motivate pupils to have a go, puzzle over problems and think through answers. With plenty of interaction, students will be inspired by ideas for extending learning at home or at school.

The show can support learning about NC science work on “Everyday materials” and “Properties and changes of materials”.

Materials: Risk assessment


Become an ancient shadow puppeteer, navy signaller and magician. In Light, you’ll use a range of equipment to investigate how light behaves and how we use it in our everyday lives. See that light travels in straight lines and investigate different ways to change its direction.

Discover a range of amazing phenomenon and see light in a whole new, well… LIGHT!

Light supports NC learning Light.

Light: Risk assessment

Rockets and Balloons

Learn about the history of hot air balloons, how they work and witness our mini-hot air balloon in action! Find out what makes a rocket move and investigate making one from everyday materials.

Rockets and Balloons supports learning about forces and materials and links to NC science work on Physical Processes.

Rockets and Balloons: Risk assessment

Stars and Planets

Take a tour of the night sky and explore the planets of our Solar System, before investigating the forces that hold the stars and planets in place and then make a whoosh with some rocket fuel!

Our star tour uses Stellarium planetarium software and is perfect for inspiring the interest of your class in the Earth and beyond.

Stars & Planets supports learning about forces and links to NC science work on the Earth and Beyond.

Stars and Planets: Risk assessment

Big Circuits Workshops

We’ve always been fans of electricity, and now pupils can enjoy the challenge of making a big circuit from all kinds of materials… Bella’s off to a party, but how can she get her clothes dry in a hurry?

Big Circuits links to NC science work on Physical Processes.

Big Circuits: Risk assessment

Solids, Liquids and Gases

Things get interesting when you start to mix them up. In our Solids, Liquids and Gases workshops we look at some strange materials, make paint the old fashioned way and unlock the secrets of mentos and pop.  

Solids Liquids & Gases supports learning about materials and links to NC science work on Materials and their Properties.

SLG: Risk assessment

Volcanoes and Rocks

Explore how volcanoes lay down rock layers and learn to identify some common types of rock. In our Volcanoes Workshops, pupils use modelling clay to track the classic vinegar and baking soda ‘eruption’, take a core sample through their model volcano and then test some real rock samples.

Volcanoes & Rocks links to NC science work on Rocks, and Materials and their Properties.

V&R: Risk assessment

Living Steel

Explore our history and see how the Templeborough steelworks has changed over the years. Find out about forging, casting and the vital role steel plays in today’s world. This workshop includes a Forge demonstration in the Fire Pavilion.

Living Steel supports NC history – a local history study & NC Science Materials.

Living Steel: Risk assessment Forge: Risk assessment


Sort through some scrap materials, find out about the history of magnetism, play at being a magnetic pole, attract and repel with some simple toys, marvel at a spinning heart, and see just how strong those mini-mighty-magnets can be.

Magnets supports NC science work on magnetism.

Magnets: Risk assessment


Name that sound, take a look at vibrations, experience an oven rack like you’ve never heard it before, then investigate loudness and pitch with squawky cups, even squawkier buckets and a whack-tube or two.

Sound supports NC science work on sound.

Sound: Risk assessment

CSI- Who dunnit?

Turn detective, study the crime scene, gather the evidence and figure out who shot…This workshop introduces pupils to some simple forensic science techniques such as chromatography, blood spatter patterns and fingerprints.

Who supports learning about scientific enquiry and thinking skills.

Who Shot: Risk assessment

Steel Forging

Watch as steel heritage experts uses the four elements AIRFIREWATER and EARTH to change the colour, shape and even magnetism of a steel bar. Discover more about the steel heritage history in the local area and consider the impact steel making has had on our society.

A forge can be delivered for £1 per pupil (Inc VAT) it will take place in the Fire Pavilion and must be booked in advance.

Forge: Risk assessment

Windy Work

This is a brand-new workshop created to complement the grand opening of our remodelled AIR pavilion.

In Windy Work you will be taken on a historical journey through 6000 years of inventions that use wind and help us with everyday tasks. You will explore the effects of Air resistance, how it can slow things down, but it can also make things move. Investigate the factors that makes something move faster or slower.  

Learn how to propel an object forward using the power of wind, how moving air creates sound, how windmills transfer energy, and how electricity is generated using a wind turbine.

Windy Work links to NC science work on Forces.

Windy Work: Risk assessment

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