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As well as enjoying workshops during your visit to Magna, we can now also bring the Science of Christmas Show to your school.

Each show lasts about 45 mins and we can fit in a maximum of 2 shows per day for up to 100 children per show. This show can be booked on the 14th, 15th, 18th, & 19th December. With limited dates book early to avoid disappointment.

The Science Of Christmas Show

Celebrate the end of your first term with a huge Christmas bang!

Our presenters will answer questions about Christmas you didn’t know you had. From the flammability of Christmas trees to the speed of Santa himself, your school will be WOWed by our demonstrations (some you can try at home, and some you should definitely not!)

The show aims to motivate pupils to have a go, puzzle over problems and think through answers, with plenty of interaction. The show supports a range of science topics in the National Curriculum around forces and materials and targets KS1 & KS2.

The Science of Christmas Show costs £300 (ex VAT).

Following your outreach booking we will send you a booking confirmation letter, an invoice and other relevant information.

Please call our education team on 01709 723116, or email