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Magna Alert

Our Science Centre is closed from Fri 30th Nov for maintenance and to renew some of our exhibition areas. We will be reopening Tues 8th Jan 2019. Many thanks for your support.

Magna is a science centre set in the former Templeborough steelworks. Four galleries house over 100 hands-on exhibits themed on Air, Earth, Fire and Water, the 'elements' needed for making steel. It is a vast building, 1/3rd of a mile long and 150ft high.

The Big Melt is a fantastic multimedia show telling the story of 'E' furnace, one of 6 electric arc furnaces at the heart of this vast steelworks. Closed in 1993, Steel, Peech and Tozer, 'Steelos' once employed 10,000 people making over a million tonnes of steel every year!

Magna is a coats-on experience, please wear clothes suitable for outside temperatures.


Experience Magna