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Prepare for an air adventure!

We can’t see it, smell it, or taste it, but we are surrounded by air. Step inside our giant airship to explore how air shapes our lives.

Discover the forces created by moving air and the sounds that travel through it. Experience a real tornado, power our wind turbines, play the air waves, and shoot the breeze with a scarf shooter. Uncover the magic of air.

The hands-on exhibits are suitable for children of all ages, a visit to Air will leave you on cloud nine!

During your visit:

  • Blast off with an air rocket.
  • Twist with our whirligig.
  • Fire an air cannon.
  • And much much more!

Globe 2
Did You Know?

Air, the invisible layer surrounding us and our planet, is mostly a blend of nitrogen (about 78%) and oxygen (about 21%), with a dash of carbon dioxide and traces of other gases. This specific mix is the key to our survival on Earth – allowing us to breathe – and creates the driving force behind things such as changing weather patterns.

Scarf 2
Did You Know?

Belfast schoolteacher Annalisa Flanagan is the world’s loudest human. Her voice shout of “Quiet” reached an ear-piercing 121.7 decibels, a similar loudness to an aircraft taking off!

Rocket 1
Did You Know?

The fastest winds that can be found in the Milky Way are on the planet Neptune – recorded by NASA, the wind there blows at around 1500mph!

Did You Know?

Wind energy is a renewable energy source – it will never run out so long as the Sun is in the sky! It plays a key part in making our energy consumption more environmentally sustainable. The largest wind turbine in the world is 260 metres high and just one rotation of its blades provides enough electricity to power a typical home for two days!

Did you know?

In 1783, brothers Joseph and Étienne Montgolfier were the first people to fly a hot air balloon with passengers. However, they were not onboard – it was actually a sheep, a duck and a chicken that made the first flight!

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