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Inside the air pavillion

Prepare for an air adventure!

High in the sky, you’ll discover one of the most mysterious components that makes up planet earth: Air. 

Air is the key to all life as we know it on planet earth, but we can’t see it. We can’t smell air and when it’s not present, you won’t hear a sound.

Step inside our giant airship to discover the story of air and how it shapes every part of our lives.

Explore the forces that surround us every day. Experience a real tornado, explore the sky with our pedal powered zeppelins and uncover the hidden secrets behind sound, gravity and flight.

During your visit, try your hand at blasting a rocket into space, see a real tornado appear before your eyes, discover how wind is used to make electricity and much more too.

Featuring immersive and interactive exhibits suitable for children of all ages, a visit to Magna’s air zone will leave you on cloud nine. 

Want to know more? Try these experiments at home

During your visit:

  • Blast a rocket into space
  • Make music on our air-powered organ
  • Fire an air cannon
  • And much more more!

Discover more:


Did you know?

1. Air isn’t just one gas

Air is actually made up of lots of different gases. It consists of approximately 78% Nitrogen and 21% Oxygen. Air also contains particles including pollen, dust, water and even tiny microbes.

2. The fastest gust of wind ever recorded was 253mph!

Wind is generated by moving air particles. As the sun warms air, it becomes hot and rises. At the same time, heavier cooler air moves into the space left. It is this movement that makes the wind blow. A scientific instrument called an anemometer measures wind speed. Learn how to build your own anemometer

3. A single wind turbine can generate enough electricity to power nearly 1500 homes

Humans have been using windmills to pump water and grind corn into flour for over a thousand years. Wind turbines turn energy from the wind into electricity. The largest wind turbine in the world is 260 metres high and just one rotation of its blades provides enough electricity to power a typical home for two days!

4. The very first hot air balloon flight had a sheep, a duck and a cockerel as passengers!

The first hot air balloon to carry passengers took place in France, in 1783. Joseph and Étienne Montgolfier used canvas and paper to make a balloon, which was then heated using a fire using of wool and damp straw. The demonstration took place in front of King Louis XVI. As a precaution, the human passengers were replaced with animals. The flight was a success and the animals became known as “heroes of the air”. Find out how hot air balloons works here

5. A teacher holds the Guinness world record for the loudest sound made by a human

Belfast schoolteacher Annalisa Flanagan is the world’s loudest human. Her voice shout of “Quiet” to her class reached an ear-piercing 121.7 decibels, a similar loudness to an aircraft taking off! click here to see her in action

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