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Create a blaze

Beyond mere warmth and marshmallow roasts, fire has been our cultural compass, industrial ignition, and culinary whizz.

From sparking innovation to ensuring survival, fire’s the unsung hero fuelling our journey through time.

Get to grips with this huge force of nature in the Fire Pavilion.

The hands-on exhibits are suitable for children of all ages, a visit to Fire will spark your imagination!

During your visit:

  • Melt steel with a model electric arc furnace.
  • Explore modern materials.
  • Investigate the force of magnetism.
  • And much much more!

Did You Know?

The earliest use of fire by humans has been traced back to Wonderwerck Cave in South Africa – approximately 1.5 million years ago!

Did You Know?

The first recorded fire tornado occurred in January 2003. It was nearly half a kilometre across and it was powerful enough to remove roofs from houses!

Did You Know?

Wildfires can move at an astonishing speed, reaching up to 14 miles per hour in forests and grasslands. This makes them incredibly dangerous and difficult to control.

Did You Know?

The Sun doesn’t have a solid surface. It’s a massive ball of hydrogen and helium gas.
In the Sun’s core, these gases fuses to make up heavier elements that you can find on Earth – and even in you!

Did you know?

Light travels incredibly fast!
In outer space light zips along at about 300,000 kilometres per second. This incredible speed means that light from the Sun takes around 8 minutes and 20 seconds to reach Earth.

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