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Find out more about the science and technology in the Fire Pavilion and explore fun Fire related activities you can do at home or school.

Fire Extinguisher

Fun fact: The modern fire extinguisher was invented by British Captain George William Manby in 1818. His design used a portable device filled with a solution of potassium carbonate and compressed air to put out fires. It was originally called the “Extincteur,”

Experiment how to put out your own fire- click HERE:


Fun fact: The Sun goes through ups and downs in activity like solar flares. It gets more active with more sunspots and then less active over a period of 11 years. This is called the solar cycle.

Make your own spectroscope- click HERE:


Fun Fact: The largest Magnet on Earth? Earth itself! The planet has its own magnetic field, generated by the movement of molten iron in its outer core. This magnetic field is what causes a compass needle to align north-south, aiding navigation for centuries.

Make your own compass- click HERE:

James Webb Telescope

Fun Fact: To make sure the the James Webb Telescope can detect small amounts of infrared radiation, a sun shield made of 5 layers of a material called Kapton is used. Kapton can withstand temperatures between -269 to 400 Degrees Celsius. Find out more here: The Sunshield Webb/NASA

Watch and learn how Gold is being used to explore the cosmos.


Fun fact: Lightning is a powerful and dangerous example of static electricity. The longest single lightning flash occurred over Uruguay and northern Argentina in June 2020. It lasted for 17.102 seconds (give or take 0.002 seconds). The average duration for a lightning bolt is just 0.2 seconds.

Make your own Electroscope- click HERE:

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