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Steel Heritage

A visit to Magna unlocks a wealth of steel heritage through a range of exhibitions, audio-visual displays and steel tours. The Templeborough steelworks was once the largest electric melting shop in the world and the site’s industrial history stretches back to Roman times. ‘Steel, Peech and Tozer’ was the company, but everyone called it ‘Steelos’. Over 10,000 people once worked here.

The Big Melt

Once upon a time the melting shop was home to 6 huge electric arc furnaces. ‘E’ furnace at Templeborough has been brought back to life in an awesome sound and light show, complete with smoke, sparks and flames plus an original soundtrack telling the story of the steel making process as it switched from open hearth to electric melting.

The Big Melt show runs for 12 minutes, at regular intervals during the day. Please ask at reception on arrival for show times on the day of your visit.

Steelos Gallery

The Romans arrived in 54AD and this exhibition set in Magna’s main entrance charts the history of the site from Roman times to the present day. Displays, films and touchscreens explain how this vast steelworks came to be built here at Templeborough.

You can find out more detail about the site’s history by reading our Templeborough Times section.

Steelos Gallery was supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

History of Steel