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Our Science Centre is closed from Fri 30th Nov for maintenance and to renew some of our exhibition areas. We will be reopening Tues 8th Jan 2019. Many thanks for your support.

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In 1967 the UK’s steel industry was nationalised. Within a decade Steelos was merged with its local rival the Park Gate Iron & Steel Co. Ltd, to form a Sheffield division of the British Steel Corporation.

The struggle to incorporate many companies with differing levels of investment combined with global manufacturing changes, followed by a bitter steel strike during the 1980s and political and economic changes, proved too much for the nationalised giant and the Templeborough steelworks cast its last steel on 25th Nov 1993.

Eight years later Magna Science Adventure Centre opened its doors in the converted steelworks. The hands-on science centre blends design and technology with steel heritage and design. The Big Melt Show recreates the awesome might of 'E' furnace one of Steelos six original electric arc furnaces...

Previous: Steelos after WW2

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