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Hours of ‘soaking fun’ are to be had in the Water Pavilion. This giant steel wave, houses a selection of interactive games and challenges that explore the astonishing world of water. The huge, steel Water Wheel seems to power the whole pavilion and raining clouds overhead mean that your chances of staying dry in 'Water' are very slim!

Over the next 6 months we are renewing the exhibits on the upper level of the pavilion to improve the experience in Water. So we can keep this area open to visitors the work is being completed off-site, but as we progress with the rolling programme of refurbishment some exhibits may not be available at certain times. The lower level 'wet zone' will remain fully open to all visitors.

We drink it. Wash in it. Swim in it and life depends on it. It's 60% of our bodyweight and covers 70% of the Earth's surface. It carves landscapes and creates floods, monsoons, rivers and oceans.

Now you can throw it about, get wet, squirt and spurt. Turn wheels and race to lift it. Flush yourself away in the Water Pavilion.

Parent top tip: bring a change of clothes incase the kids get wet in this pavilion!

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