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Make a splash!

Water – it’s a molecular superhero, changing forms from fluffy clouds to icy flakes and refreshing liquid. We drink it, wash in it, swim in it and life on Earth depends on it. It’s 60% of our body weight and covers 70% of the Earth’s surface.

Housed in a giant steel wave, a huge, steel water wheel seems to power the Water Pavilion.

The hands-on exhibits are suitable for children of all ages, a visit to Water will provide a fountain of knowledge – it just keeps flowing!

Parent tip: bring a change of clothes because your kids will get wet in this pavilion!

During your visit:

  • Combat water pollution.
  • Explore the water cycle.
  • Sail through our water canal.
  • And much much more!

Did You Know?

Water is the only substance on Earth that naturally exists in three forms: a solid (ice), a liquid (water), and a gas (water vapor).

Water usage
Did You Know?

A modern toilet uses about 5 litres per flush – that’s 8 and half pints of fresh water down the drain!
A power shower uses 13 litres every minute!

Water in space
Did You Know?

Although the surface of Mars is cold and dry, lots of evidence suggests that the planet was once partly covered with water.
Researchers theorise that life may have evolved on Mars when it was wet – life could even be hidden there now!

Deep ocean
Did You Know?

The deepest point in the sea is the Challenger Deep, located beneath the Pacific Ocean.
The Challenger Deep lies 10,994m below sea level -that’s 104 football pitches deep!

Did you know?

Unlike most substances, water expands when it freezes, which is why ice floats on water!
This is vital for aquatic ecosystems, as it insulates the water below, allowing life to thrive during cold seasons.

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