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Please note that following extensive flooding into Magna’s basement the WATER PAVILION is currently out of action, as well as the LIFTS in the exhibition area.

Hours of ‘soaking fun’ are to be had in the Water Pavilion. This giant steel wave, houses a selection of interactive games and challenges that explore the astonishing world of water. The huge, steel Water Wheel seems to power the whole pavilion and raining clouds overhead mean that your chances of staying dry in ‘Water’ are very slim!

We drink it. Wash in it. Swim in it and life depends on it. It’s 60% of our bodyweight and covers 70% of the Earth’s surface. It carves landscapes and creates floods, monsoons, rivers and oceans.

Now you can throw it about, get wet, squirt and spurt. Turn wheels and race to lift it. Flush yourself away in the Water Pavilion.

Parent top tip: bring a change of clothes in case the kids get wet in this pavilion!

All the exhibits at Magna provide hands-on learning, links to steelmaking and consider the impact humans have made.

The Four Pavilions

The steel industry of South Yorkshire has its roots in Roman times when iron was made from rocks extracted from the EARTH locally. FIRE was used to smelt the iron ore. AIR was used to aid combustion. Later the rivers provided WATER for cooling and powering machinery and the steel industry grew to dominate the area.

These four themes of AIREARTHFIRE and WATER are the inspiration for Magna’s interactive pavilions.

Water Pavilion
Water Pavilion

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The Science Centre has been affected by flooding, please check before visiting. Events are running as normal. Magna Science Adventure Centre Opening Times