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Magna Trust is a registered charity no.1074578. Discover our aims and mission below.

Magna Science Adventure Centre, launched in April 2001, was founded with three primary objectives:

  1. Captivating families, social groups, and schools with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths).

2. Preserving key British industrial heritage sites and environments.

3. Contributing to the revitalisation of the Templeborough area in Rotherham and hence South Yorkshire.

Our mission is core to everything we do, but as a not-for-profit charity, there are daily challenges to making this happen. Beyond its science centre, Magna hosts successful events and earns revenue from estate rentals, providing essential financial support for the charity’s operations.

By purchasing a ticket to our attraction or participating in our events, you play a crucial role in helping us reach these objectives.

Are you a UK tax payer? learn how you can help by becoming a Gift Aid visitor.

To download Magna’s school impact report 2023: Click HERE

Magna’s Partners

Below are some ongoing projects supported by our exceptional partners, whose values and missions align with our own.

The Royal British Air Force


The Edina Trust

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