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The Abyss @ Magna
The Abyss @ Magna

The Abyss @ Magna has created a unique experience for thrill seekers. Set in semi darkness complete with music, video screens, dry ice and effect lighting, four exhilarating activities utilise the breathtaking facilities and structures of this former steel works, providing a truly dramatic backdrop for the ultimate adrenalin experiences. 

The four activities, Zip Wire, Abseil, The Drop Free-fall Experience and a Bungee Jump are available separately or as two packages, the Triple Whammy Experience and the Awesome Foursome Experience.

The Abyss @ Magna
The Abyss @ Magna

Ticket Prices:

Triple Whammy Experience – £75
Awesome Foursome Experience – £99
Indoor Bungee Jump – £50
Zip Wire – £10
Abseil – £30
The Drop – Free-fall Experience – £30

Options to purchase tickets/sign up:

For more information visit the UK Bungee website or call 01226 982771