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Floss Friends UK, The Sampler Guild, Haystack Stitching and Kindred Spirit Stitchers have come together to create Big Stitch Events Ltd and will be bringing stitchers from all over the UK (and beyond) together in one place.

On 27th & 28th July 2024 stitchers will gather together for a weekend of stitching, fun, laughter and some education.

The Big Hall at Magna Science Adventure, with 2,000sq meters of space, will have have 3 sections; Stitching area, Vendor area and Catering area

The Stitching room will open at the following times;

• Saturday @ 09.00 and will close no later than 22.00 (10pm).
• Sunday @ 09.00 and finish at 17.00 (5pm).

Guests will be required to go through a check-in line before entering the Stitching Room to get your name badge. Guests will be required to wear their name badge at all times.  

For more information and to book your tickets click HERE

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